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Bass lines ebook for beginner. We are bassists.

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Focuses on the convenience of users, which can be both seen and heard. 125 Bass lines for beginners (Sound Source Playback Function) PPT PDF ebook.

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Bass lines can be created by combining various notes suitable for chords.
Also, if you change the playing order or rhythm of those notes, it becomes bass lines with various feelings.
So the bass lines of ebook have some things that look similar to each other.

There are no flashy bass lines on this ebook that require high-level skills.
I made ebook with bass lines that I personally thought were good while playing.
I made ebook focusing on bass lines that I think even beginners can play.


Using proper Lines (fills) depending on mood of music is the important element for instrumentalists.

For beginners, in order to playing their own Lines, requires not only more professional musical skills but also learning to imitate as much as possible by listening to many different songs.

This material introduces 125 kinds of bass Lines with which even in the beginner's stage, you can play through practice. and they were divided into Lines in slow and fast tempo, and Lines in frequent chord progressions.

Each of the 125 Lines is composed of bass fingerboard in which the position of playing order is written, a single rhythm score, and a sample listening track(sound). so the material focuses on the convenience of users, which can be both seen and heard.

Lines can be expressed variously feelings depending on the rhythms, notes, and changes in the sequence of notes. 
So, although the Lines in this materials are not ‘absolute answer’ for you, but it will be helpful if you practice and try applying them to proper songs. (Contain other Lines which change feelings by changing order of lines, approach, or passing notes)

The chapters are composed of frequently used Lines in chords sheet music, And classified into Lines in slow and fast tempo, and Lines in frequent chord progressions.
*Although the chapter divides Lines depending on tempo, the Lines are based on chords, so you may diversely and properly apply Lines of this material in all tempos. 

One of the strengths of the bass is that you can apply fingerings which you play in a scale to other chords. 
The beginning chords of this material are all examples, so that you practice the order of the Lines patterns first and then apply the same fingerings to proper chord positions. 

Because each song has a different feeling, you should practice various Lines patterns so that you can apply the properly for the genre.

By adding cool rhythms and harmonies, enjoy making your Lines in ensemble!

e-book contents

▶Bass lines (slow tempo): 76

▶Bass lines (fast tempo): 24

▶Bass lines (frequent chord progression): 20

▶Bass lines (2 continuous measures): 5

*E-book name: 125 Bass Lines for beginners (Sound Source Playback Function) PPT PDF ebook.
*Author: V_B
*E-book type: PPT, PDF digital files
*File size: PPT+PDF = About 280MB

*Total 78 pages
*Publication year: 2020